Team Building

Your company will achieve higher levels of success, and perfect more effective methods of working together, than ever before after participating in our team building events here in south Florida.
Our Corporate Team Building Events Bring Your Company Team Together Effectively!

Corporate Team Building Miami’s interactive, experiential corporate team building programs emphasize immediate application in the work place. Our events help your company to build and strengthen your relationships within your company, as well as with your clients, while giving incentives to your valuable staff.

Your team building event with us brings about the competitive team spirit while providing fun, camraderie and adventure, for everyone participating with Corporate Team Building Miami. Whether it be our sailing regatta on the clear waters of Biscayne Bay, our sport fishing tournament in the blue waters of The Gulf Stream, or our golf tournament on the lush, tropical golf greens of Coral Gables, we here at Corporate Team Building Miami, provide a true bonding challenge, as well as a unique and memorable experience for everyone involved in your company’s team building event.

Is Your Company Winning
as Much as it Could Be?

Build a winning team that pursues the edge that your company needs to achieve more everyday!

On the Water – In the Water – On the Course

In Florida We are The Corporate Team Builders!!

“Dear Curtis, On behalf of Robbins-Gioia and LEAD Alliance I want to thank you and your fellow captains for a terrific sailing adventure. The leadership team – the so called buccaneers and scallywags – really enjoyed the team building experience. Thanks again for a job well done!”
– Tricia Gibbons, Managing Partner, LEAD Alliance