Sportfishing Tournament

corporate fishing tournament
Teams from around the globe come to Miami to bond together.

The Sportfishing Tournament event that we conduct combines the thrill of sportfishing and friendly competition, while learning about your colleagues, dealing with challeges, and inevitably conflict resolution. At the same time, we work towards solidifying the relationships within your company that are so important and crucial to real, maximum productivity. This unique and exciting team building event is highly effective in every aspect for your company’s growth.

To begin your sportfishing tournament, team building event, all the teams are given specific goals, besides catching fish, to meet while on board thier sportfishing yachts. all the sportfishing yachts depart from the same location and

We offer a variety of team building formats, which can be competitive or non-competitive, depending on the goals of the group. In the competitive formats, awards are given to individuals, and teams, in several categories pertaining to sportfishing, as well as corporate team building. Humorous categories can also be included such as the “small fry,” or the ugliest fish, and best “fish that got away” tale, etc.

The Sportfishing Tournament includes:

  • US Coast Guard Licensed Captain/Instructors and Crew
  • all bait, tackle and fishing licenses
  • soft drinks and snacks
  • 4 hours of fishing
  • fuel and docking fees
  • awards and certificates for the participants

During Our Corporate Team Building Sport Fishing Tournaments the Goals are Facilitating & Enhancing the Teams’ Abilities To:

  • F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Successful
  • communicate positively and effectively
  • work together as a capable, confident team
  • resolve conflicts effectively, quickly & positively
  • achieve the common foreseeable goal
  • complete the challenge successfully
  • encourage and also criticize eachother constructively
  • organize and cooperate altogether quickly & efficiently

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With regards to the Nissan Financion of Spain – Thank you Curtis for your contribution to the success of this group! We’ll keep offering your services with confidence and look forward to keep working together on future events.
Warmest regards, Jaime Alvarez – President WORLDIMENSION